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DIYs for a BMW 318i Saloon, e46, N42, RHD, Manual (UK - European model)

Below are the BMW DIYs and Guides for a 318i Saloon, e46, N42, Right Hand Drive, Manual Gear that I have created for others to follow & benefit from. Even thought I have successfully carried out all the below with positive end results, I do not guarantee 100% positive results.

For further information, please refer to my Disclaimer.

impee's bimmer

2 of the many accident's caught on CCTV that impee's poor BMW has had to cope with:

A Range Rover hits impee's BMW 3 Series e46 first
from the rear left side and then again from the back!
Damage: a new bumper and crack in impee's hip bone

A hit & run against impee's BMW. Within 20 mins I located and then showed the culprit this footage.
Damage: a new rear door



DIY Alloy Repair Repair Raise BMW On Jack Stands
DIY Air Filter Change DIY MAFS Clean
DIY Power Steering Fluid Change DIY Transmission Fluid Change
BMW Oil Service DIY Oil Service Indicator Reset
DIY Radiator Flush DIY Radiator Fan Change
Shiny Steering Wheel DIY Spark Plug Change
DIY Differential Oil DIY Window Regulator Repair
DIY FSR Change DIY clutch Bleed
Shiny Steering Wheel impee's Car Care
impee's Car Care BMW e46 Fuse Box
BMW Fault Diagnosis Timing Chain Tensioner
Airbag Passenger Seat Occupancy Mat Sensor Rear Light Clean
BMW Fault Code Reader

Notice: Unfortuantely I have now sold my e46 and bought a F30 Sports, so there will be no new e46 DIYs as off 2015. I may at some point start publishing DIYs for my F30, but lets see...

impee's BMW F30 Sport





BMW e46 DIY Guides by - impee

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