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DIY Raise BMW On Jack Stands

impee's DIY Raise BMW On Jack Stands for BMW 318i e46
How to Raise Your BMW on Jack Stands yourself!

Difficulty Level: Easy / Medium

Approximate Time For This Project: 30 minutes

Prices: Professional labour costs for Raising BMW On Jack Stands - £N/A (private) or £N/A (BMW) - per hour X 1

Trolley Jack Should support up to 2 Tonnes. Try to get one with a lower minimum height than 14cms, i.e. a low profile jack from SGS Engineering

1 £30
Jack Stands / Axle Stands Should support up to 2 Tonnes (1 Tonne each).

4 £30
Ice Hockey Puck Usually 3" x 1" - see note in Section #1 1 £1.50
Block of Wood A Small Piece, approximately 6" x 4", not too thin.   1  

*prices correct at time of publication

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1) Assemble Your Kit + Notes

Below is the total kit I required.

1 Trolley Jack, 4 Jack Stands and either an Ice Hockey Puck or then a small block of wood (however, I definitely recommend the Puck over the block of wood).

Note: The other day I raised the car and my pieces of wood kept splitting and slipping. It took me over 45mins to just raise the front of the car. I then came up with another option, i.e. an Ice Hockey Puck. This is normally 3" x 1" and made of tough rubber.

Buy an Ice Hockey puck and carve it out so it fits snug on to the Saddle of the Trolley Jack. The Puck stops the car from being damaged and also does not slip at all. It is a perfect accessory for the Trolley Jack.

It took me over an hour to carve it out; the method I used was to cut out 4 small bits with a blade (be careful) and then scrape up and down in the groove with a thin flat head screw driver. Running the screw driver within the groove effectively scrapes the rubber away and makes nice grooves / slots.

Ice Hockey Puck Modified


2) Trolley Jack

Take a look at this / your Trolley will notice the saddle (round part on the top) and further you will notice that it is not smooth, instead it has 4 points protruding upwards. If you raise your car with these, it will get damaged. I had a look the Trolley Jack and it is possible to remove this top part of the Saddle, but I think it may be useful to have a Saddle that actually can move a little, to adjust while you raise the car.

To avoid damage to the car, use the Ice Hockey Puck, or then a small block of wood by placing it on top of the Saddle.

You must ensure the car is on flat level ground, otherwise it will be a headache and impossible to lift both sides of the car to the same height (as happened to me).

Note: The car can also be safely raised from the Chassis Rails that run parallel on the left and right side of the car - skip to section #8.

Trolley Jack


3) Raising Front Of Car On Trolley Jack

The front of the car has very low clearance, something along the lines of 11cm as opposed to 15cm at the rear. Some trolley jacks will not fit under the front of the car, so you will first need to raise the car from one of the sides at the front with the normal car jack. You don't need to jack up too high, just enough to slip the trolley jack underneath.

To raise the front of the car, place the trolley jack beneath the highlighted area (this is the part of the Reinforcement plate). This can be found at the front of the car, next to the splash shield.

As you will notice, the point to raise the car on the Reinforcement plate has been squashed in...this happened to it before I used a Puck or block of wood as the Saddle's jagged parts damaged & crushed it. However, using an Ice Hockey Puck will prevent any such damage.

But more importantly, while you are lifting the car, keep on watching the Puck or the block of wood, as quite often as the car gets higher, the jack and block of wood start slipping forward and the car back, then all of a sudden the car will slip off the lifting point (as happened to me). However, I found the Puck didn't slip or move at all and remained stable.

BMW On Jack Stands


As you can see, I have placed the Puck just behind the crushed part of the Reinforcement plate. That thin part worked fine, it did not crush any further or slip.

BMW On Trolley Jack


Close up of the Reinforcement plate.

BMW On Trolley Jack


The Puck has a perfect grip and does not move at all.

BMW On Trolley Jack


4) Raising Rear Of Car On Trolley Jack

To raise the back of the car, place the trolley jack beneath the highlighted area. This can be found at the back of the car, next to the differential.

BMW On Trolley Jack


BMW On Trolley Jack


5) Alternative Method

Alternatively, if you would like to lift the car from the sides, again use a Puck or block of wood, other wise the plastic rectangle bits get damaged easily. This is the location where you normally place your car jack.

BMW Trolley Jack


6) Car On Jack Stands

Place the Jack Stands in the locations where you normally place your car jack.

BMW On Jack Stands

BMW On Jack Stands


7) Precautionary Measure

One may think that the car is heavy and could just tilt to one side whilst on all 4 jacks, but trust me, try pushing the car off the jacks while it is simply will not move! (provided it has been raised correctly and is balanced)

As a precaution, it is good to also have the Trolley Jack raised slightly below the height that the car is raised at. This allows an insurance incase one of the Jack Stands fails / falls.

Note: Ensure the weight of the car is on the Jack Stands and not on the Trolley Jack.

BMW On Jack Stands


8) Chassis Rails - Method 2

You can also use the Chassis Rails to lift the car. However, as they do not run the entire length all the way to the back of the car , it is only suitable to use them while lifting the car from the front.

Jack stands should not be placed under the Chassis Rails as they have no where to grip / hold them and the car can very easily slip off.

BMW e46 Chassis Rails

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DIY BMW e46 Raise BMW On Jack Stands by - impee

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