Website Design

There have been several projects (covering various aspects of IT and Technologies) that we have been involved in on a personal and professional basis.

Previous cutomer websites coveredr the fields of Nursing & Residentials Homes, Personal, Pâtissier and Local Communities.


Biometric & IP Camera Security

We have been involved in projects related to setting up Permiter security which involved a physical security assesment, followed by deployment of biometric locking systems and IP Cameras using, all providing an automated alerting system.

IT Infrastructure & Network

impeeCreations setup up (and is contracted to maintain) the entire IT Infrastructure and Network for a well known Nursing & Residential Home. This involved build and installation of Laptops, Workstations and Servers, deployment of an Ethernet & Wifi Network, Firewall and Secure Remote Access, in addition to constant website update & monitoring.


impeeCreations has been involved and dealing with many clients in the area of technical excellence in IT. Based upon our customer requirements, there have been several different levels:

  • Proposals (free of cost)
  • Consultancy
  • Implementation (full or partial)