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  impee's Tesla  


I just bought myself a Tesla Model 3 Long Range, Red, with 19" Wheels (as above).

To help you through the journey, I have created a comprehensive Telsa Ordering list that detail all the steps that I went through whilst buying my car, and to be honest, it was one hell of a steep learning curve!! However, thanks to my list, things will be alot easier for you!

If you click through to me Tesla Referral page, I have some superb offers that can hugely benifit yourself and me, i.e 1000 Free Super Charger Miles and £50 Octopus Electricity Credit.


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Tesla Model 3 Long Range Octopus Tesla Referral 1000 Free Ordering Tesla BMW e46 Care Care e46 Models Fuse Box On Jack Stands Fault Diagnosis Torque Specifications Air Filter Change Alloy Repair Jack Stands CDV Delete Clutch Bleed Differential Oil Final Stage Resistor Fuel Filter Change Headlight Removal Interior Lights MAFS Clean Oil Change Oil Light Reset Power Steering Fluid Radiator Flush Radiator Fan Change Shiny Steering Wheel Spark Plug Change Transmission Fluid Window Regulator Timing Chain Tensioner Airbag Occupancy Mat Sensor Rear Light Clean BMW Fault Code Read impee impeeCreations BackInfo


Tesla - impee

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