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Tesla - Ordering in the UK



I placed an order for my car and thought that all I need to do is order a Wall Charger and have it fitted, boy was I wrong! My friend also ordered a Tesla at the same time, and between both of us, we found that as soon as we put down a £100 deposit, we were down a rabbit hole!

Through out the experience, we had to constantly compare notes and giving each other advice. To be honest, it was one hell of a steep learning curve, not to mention the additional money I ended up spending on extras.

For this reason, to help you through the Tesla journey, I have created a comprehensive list of all the steps that I went through whilst buying my Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

They are organised in chronological order, so all you need to do it traverse down the list and the next thing you know it, you will have your new
Tesla Model S 3 X Y parked in your drive way, all with minimum head ache :)


Arrange Tesla Car Finance

If your buying it on cash, then you can skip this step

When you put down your £100 Deposit, Tesla put forward Black Horse as the optional recommended Lender, however from others experiences, I would say keep clear of them and use your own Financial Advisor \ Lender.

  • Contact an independent Financial advisor, you could use e.g. City Capital London LLP, they are a very professional outfit and get your loan approved within a couple of days
  • Provide your loan requirement details
  • Await a loan approval email \ phone call


Order Tesla Car

  • Order your car on the Tesla website, this wil cost £100, but when you do this, please use my referral code as this will give us both
    1000 Free Super Charger miles!!!! -
  • Tesla will SMS you, click the URL in the SMS, and fill in some requested information which includes your Lender's details and loan + deposit amounts, etc.
  • Wait patiently till Tesla SMS you with collection date & times, this could be a few weeks to a month, however, in the mean time there is ALOT more to do! See below:


Order Tesla Accessories

From the Tesla website, you should order at least the below items (if you ordered a Standard Range model, then you will also need floor matts):

  • Wall Charger (Gen 3)
  • Boot Matt
  • Mud Guards
  • Tire Repair Kit - (Tesla's have normal Tyres and not run flats, so you will need this)


Order Misc. Items

  • At least 2x Jack Pads, and ensure the tyre change garages use them when lifting up car, otherwise they could easily damage the batteries under
    the car in a blink of an eye, in the event that the jack slips or the car is lifted from the wrong position. I bought 2 of these: Hipipooo Car Jack Lift Pad Adapter Tool
  • 1x USB C cable (in case you need it for connecting yor phone)
  • 2x USB A to USB C converters, so you can still use old usb cables and devices (USB pen drives for music)


Book Ceramic Coating

If you plan to get your car Ceramic coated, it is a good idea to keep your old car for at least 10 days after you collect your Tesla, as Ceramic coating
takes at least 3 days.

Book a Detailer to get the car Ceramic Coated.

If you want to maintain the new shine. It will cost anywhere between £500 to £1200 depending on which brand of Ceramic, and where you live.

I have my car coated with the below, the Serum comes with 9 year Gruarantee and the EXO4 needs a top up every 18 months:

If getting the car Ceramic coated, then you will NEED to buy all the below \ similar items, to maintain the Ceramic Coating, otherwise you have just wasted money on the Ceramic Coating as washing the car incorrectly will create fine scratches on the coating.


Book Window Tints

Book your car in for Tints, if not the side windows, at least the back Screen, so it blends in with the tinted roof.

In the UK the below are legal limits for car Tinted Windows:

  • Front side windows, a maximum of 30% - I went with 10%, as the windows were already 20%
  • Back side windows and rear screen can have any % of tints - I went with 80%


Change Electricity Supplier

Check various energy providers and find one that has a cheap night rate, e.g. Octopus, as most charging takes place during the night and I am sure you would like a cheaper Electricity Bill.

Please use my referral code and we both will get
£50 Free Credit to our accounts!!!! -

You first will need a Smart Meter installed to be able to qualify for the cheap variable night rates, so you do not have one installed, Octopus will take care of that and the installation only takes a couple of hours down time.

Sign up to any standard Octopus Tariff, once Octopus can confirm they can retrieve readings from your Smart Meter, you can instantly swap over to their EV tariff


Electric Works

Find an electrician to get a quote to install the Wall Charger at which point the below should be checked \ confirmed:

  • If main house power fuse needs upgrading from 60amps to 100amps (normally UK houses have 60amps).
  • If Yes, contact UKPN (0800 029 4285) to book an engineer for a fuse upgrade, they will send an engineer and upgrade this free of charge (with about 30mins power outage)
  • If the Tail wires from the Fuse to the Meter are 25mm, if not, your Electricity service provider needs to upgrade them (but your electrican may also be able to do that for you)
  • Does the main Consumer Box need upgrading?
  • If car will be charged in a garage or end of the garden, do you need to run an Armoured SWG 16mm Power Cable to the garage Consumer Box?
  • Does the Garage comsumer box need upgrading, can it supply dedicated 32amps to the wall charger, or are other devices also using power from this Consumer Box, in which case a larger 40amps fuse should be installed

The Gen 3 Wall Charger requires a Wifi connection to your Home Wifi Network, so check if the Wall Charger will be within range, if not, you need to find a technical solution, e.g. wifi extenders, or set up an access point by plugging it into an ethernet port if you have one close by.


Tesla Collection Notification

Tesla will SMS you and notify you to choose a date & time for the car collection (click the URL in the SMS)

Next, call Tesla (01628 450 660) and ask them to SMS you your car VIN and Registration number (normally they SMS you this 7 days before collection, but you need it now for Car Insurance)


Car Insurance

Direct Line work with Tesla and were by far the cheapest for me (living in London):

As it is a new car, you will not be able to add the car registration number when getting a website quote, your car will be only registered with DVLA on the day you collect it, so you need to call your insurance company and tell them you have the registration number and for them to add it to the quote, and at the same time do mention if you plan to have window Tints or any other modifications. In my case the Tints cost me an extra £40. At the same time I asked if Tesla roof bars were any extra, but I was told they are included by default.

If you purchase Autopilot or Full Self Driving, don't forget to mention this to the Insurance Company, they will give you a discount \ refund on your premium. In my case it was 5%, £40.


Roadside Assistance

Tesla provide a Roadside Assistance for the Warranty term of the car, however it is very slightly limited, so your may need to obtain additional breakdown cover depending where in the EU you may be driving too, as some Tesla Service Centres are only found in neighbouring countries. I signed up for Green Flag Euro Plus and it cost £66, UK only costs £44.

Check Tesla Roadside Assistance details here:


Tesla Collection

7 days before collection time, login to your Tesla account, click + on the Pyaments tab to view the message asking you to settle the outstanding Final Payment. It says, payment has to be cleared 48 hours before collection and send an email to Tesla attaching a screenshot \ receipt to show the payment as proof. If it is a private buy then you need to settle this amount, if finance, then the finance company will pay the total amount, including any down payments. The down payment will be added to your first monthly direct debit payment, e.g. £800 + £10,000.

The day before collection, Tesla will SMS you and and also give you a call to remind you about the collection. They will mention to bring your dirving license to prove identity and that we should have already taken out Insurance to cover the car.

2021 Low Touch Collection: Tesla through out put emphasis on us to watch Tesla videos about our car, so we understand how to drive the car away, as the Tesla staff will not be able to show us anything (due to Covid-19 restrictions).

On the day, I provided my name to a Tesla representative, who then handed me my 2 key cards and this registration also unlocked my Tesla App.

Next I was tasked with locating my Tesla in a car park where there were several hundred Model 3s parked, but I think staff moved mine to the front on purpose, so it took me under a minute to locate my Tesla Model 3.

Before you drive off, do make sure you have the following in the boot of your car:

1) Roadside Safety Kit (in a red bag)
2) Universal Mobile Connector (in a black bag)
3) Type 2 Adaptor (blue cable in a bag)

One very annoying thing though, my Tesla came with less than half charged batteries!!!

Post collection, check the Vehicle for any faults and register themon the Tesla App within 24hrs. If any issues are found, the car may need to go into a Service Centre for them to be rectified. Luckily I didn't find any issues \ faults with my car, may be because it was manufactured in China, as opposed to the US?


Register for Charges \ Taxes

Even if you don't live in London, it is a good idea to register for the below, incase you need to pay of them during future visits:

Confirm Tesla registered with DVLA and for Road Tax (even though it is £0, the car still needs to be registered) -

I was not able to do any checks for the first 24hrs as it looks like it takes time for DVLA database to reflect the registration, however if you login to your Tesla account, along with all the previous invoices, you will notice a new Proof of Registration pdf.


Final Touches

  • Take the car in to get Windows Tinted - It will take up to 2 hours and will cost between £150 - £200
  • Take the car in to get it Ceramic Coated - It will take up to 3 days and cost between £500 - £1200
  • If you swtiched to Octopus electric, double check that your have moved on to this tariff before you start charging your car



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